Open Source Intelligence refers to the use of publicly accessible information as well as databases to collect information in a structured manner. Information is gained from Public and Private databases, the surface web, deepweb and the darkweb


Tracing of parties to establish jurisdiction for service of summons. Tracing and profiling of parties in a variety of actions. Social media scraping and investigation to support points of view. Training in how to properly present digital and specifically social media evidence in court. Cellular handset analysis (


Tracing of old yet relevant financial information, due dilligence profiles, Restoration of removed websites, financial intelligence, financial means assessment of priority suspects. 


Background profiles, trace profiles, full target packages including geo-analysis, link analysis and relationship data. Video and still image enhancement to facilitate identification of suspects. Data analysis and timeline building to augment your investigation. IBM Analyst Notebook charting and mapping to assist your investigation. Tracing of ownership over cellular numbers, addresses and related data. 


We provide consuting services, in-house bespoke training as well as OsInt scrapes to see what is out there on the deep web and dark web about your business. Has your data been compromised – if so where is it and what are your options. Severity impact assessments. We conduct full due dilligences so that YOU know exactly who you’re dealing with, all the way through to reputational management. 


We will ONLY work with attorneys of record on divorce matters, We will NOT spy on your spouse. We will not be party to illegal surveillance of your spouse – just NO. 

Hacking/ Surveillance Consulting

Has your device been hacked? Are you being monitored? WE can help get to the truth. 

OsInt Training

Open Source Intelligence isn’t about YOU. It’s not about the data that YOU create, it’s about the data that’s created by the world around you and relevant TO you. We run industry specific workshops (as low as R650/attendee) all the way through to in-house and custom courses. As an indication, a full introductory OsInt course in which you’ll learn the fundamental skills and gain a veritable arsenal of data collection and analysis tools runs over 5 days at a cost of between R10 000 and R15 000 per delegate depending on the venue and number of attendees. We ONLY run 6 workshops a year and ONE full OsInt course per year at beginner level. Advanced courses including Crypto Currency investigation and Dark Web are on request only. We do not cater for full courses with less than 10 delegates. 

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