About Digital Forensics

Open Source Intelligence refers to the use of publicly accessible information as well as databases to collect information in a structured manner. Information is gained from Public and Private databases, the surface web, deepweb and the darkweb

TCG Digital Forensics is a division of The Computer Guyz. With 18 years plus trading experience in South Africa, we have our eyes closely focused on market needs. Since 2002 we have been involved in the Data Recovery field and in 2006 we began offering Digital Forensics as a service.

Our Forensics team has a diverse background ranging from mainstream IT and commercial intelligence to network security and data analysis (OsInt). We use the very best of breed tools to ensure consistent results in a court-accepted manner.

Our core business is providing digital forensic and OsInt services to attorneys, accountants, auditors and private investigators around South Africa and within the African Continent.

We are one of a handful of Digital Forensics companies in South Africa – providing a Cape Town and Pretoria based Incident Response team that is always at your service AND having an in-house OsInt capacity. 

While many companies offer “Open Source Intelligence” we often find that this is limited to simple credit checks, Linkedin profiles and well, data that is easily googled. That isn’t OsInt. 

We pride ourselves on the enormous variety of datasets to which we have access both locally and internationally. We incessantly create new focused sets of data for investigative use, maintain our own suspect photo and photo recognition database. Our team has access to all major and even minor data mining abilities and are all qualified investigators. No script kiddies here folks. 

Our abilities extend from suspect identification to professional data analysis and target packages. Within the field of financial analysis we have a range of tools and abilities to get to the answers required to service our local and international clients. Our Cape Town office maintains an active-incident room where events and incidents can be mined and managed in live time. 

We have literally hundreds of satisfied clients internationally, extensive references and case studies to support our credentials and abilities. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements or request a sanitized example of our legendary Blue/Green/Red and Target profiles. 

Get in touch today – and let OsInt and Digital Forensics change the way you see the world

If you’re interested in the world of OsInt and want some handy links, try these. We also encourage you to follow our Facebook Page via TCG Forensics and enjoy some of our bloggs to enrich your understanding of the world and potentials of OsInt and SmInt

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