We offer the following OsInt based courses around South Africa. (Please check our events calendar for dates).

About our courses

Courses are available as open (all welcome to attend) and as closed workshops for specific companies and industries. All workshops include training notes, handouts and tea/cofee/ meals as per schedule.  

IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE: ALL of our workshops and courses are designed specifically for the African Market. While there are obviously international standards and norms that apply, the tools in use vary from country to country. One needs to understand the applicable privacy laws for each country/ territory to ensure that data collection is legitimate and usable at all times. We will always cover tools that will help our attendees to find offshore information when required, however we do focus our toolset and techniques around what is needed and what works on the African Continent and South Africa in particular to ensure that you get maximum benefit and usable skills. 

Osint Introduction

Join us for a half-day workshop to explore exactly what OsInt is, the kinds of tools available, how they’re used and learn from actual case studies. This is an unforgetable workshop held in Cape Town and Johannesburg/ Pretoria that will open your eyes to the possibilities and realities of harvesting data, managing it, using referencing tools to locate persons and perform due dilligences.

OsInt (Level 1)

Our level 1 course runs over five days. To help attendees manage and spread the cost as well as the time commitment, this has been spread over to separate workshops. L1 focuses on the investigative methodologies as well as the toolsets. You’ll learn to create shadow accounts, virtual environments and put these to highly effective use when researching openly available data. Social Media tools and sessions include data harversting from FacebookTwitterYou Tube and other SM strands. Learn how to find the data that FB is hiding from you, do deep searches and get your google-fu going.  L1 steps you into the world of monitoring active incidents via social media strands, detailed due dilligence tools, closed datasets and data mining. You’ll leave armed with an array of new tools ready to track and trace persons of interest online, understand their habits, relationships and audit data around them.

OsInt (Level 2)

Our level 2 course runs over five days.  L2 will take you further into the DeepWeb and DarkWeb while teaching you to manage VirInt profiles and advanced your investigative skills. Course material includes advanced data mining, custom Linux machine building, facial recognition, dataset management and fundamental scripting tools.

OsInt (Law Enforcement)

This is a custom developed Law Enforcement course is based on L1 investigative skills, but tailored specifically to those working in an active LE capacity. The working tools and methodologies are specifically geared to LE and case studies will revolve around criminal investigations. This is a closed course and only available on request. 

Online Privacy (1/2 day workshop)

Let us guide you through securing your digital life and privacy. Learn tips and tricks of the trade in a live environment where we can guide you through reducing your digital footprint and retaining your privacy. You will be required to bring along your daily use phone and laptop so that you can tweak things as we work.

Online Privacy for Journalists & At-Risk individuals (1 day closed workshop)

Journalists and at-risk individuals will get to learn and see for themselves exactly how online scams are performed. See and experience first hand how reverse invoicing scams work, how personal photos and data are exposed and stolen. Get hands on with securing your devices and privacy with the best of breed secure e-mail and vpn solutions, de-mystify virtualisation and firewalls so that you will know when your privacy is being affected. We’ll be teaching you what it means to ping a cellphone, how it’s done and how to tell. See a grabber in action and how cyber criminals can intercept your cellular communications. This is a completely hands on eye-openening experience that will change the way you work with technology to protect yourself and your data. Private sessions and closed sessions only and only by arrangement. We do not schedule these workshops routinely and offer them on an as-required basis.

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