Open Source Intelligence refers to the use of publicly accessible information as well as databases to collect information in a structured manner. Information is gained from Public and Private databases, the surface web, deepweb and the darkweb

In the digital age, Open Source Intelligence is king.

The Investigators Guide to OsInt is written from experience gathered over two decades and solely for the South African market. It is a self-study style manual that will guide investigators through the basic steps and skillsets and how to apply collected data during an investigation. The purpose of this manual is to bridge the gap between curiosity and commitment to taking a full training course.

No investigator should be without these skills. Navigating the internet with a proper investigative mindset is vital to collecting evidence in both online and offline investigations. Invesigators Guide to OsInt offers the first step in understanding the fundamentals.

including more than 100 ready to use free-tools!

Each chapter is presented in a logical format that continuously builds the investigator’s skillset.

Topics covered include:

• Boolean Search Strings
• Facebook data and Twitter analysis
• Discovering a targets digital footprint
• Meta Data
• Complex and Geographic searches
• OsInt Toolsets and methodology
• Public and private datasets
• Due Dilligence

Craig Pedersen is a seasoned professional with over twenty years in the Information Technology, Commercial Security, and Intelligence and Investigations fields. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and Certified Cyber Crime Investigator (CCCI). In addition to writing, he lectures extensively to attorneys, advocates, auditors, and investigators across South Africa.

Orders via simone@tcgforensics.co.za for signed copies. 

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